What we do

Activities and events throughout the year mean there's always something going on.

Learn new skills

Rise to new challenges, learn new skills, make new friends, have fun.....

Inward visit

Sharing our culture and life in West Cumbria with our Tanzanian visitors

Hosting Tanzanian Visitors

An opportunity to really connect, share stories and learn about each other’s lives

Student Sponsorship

Making a huge impact in the lives of Tanzanian Students and their communities

Visit Tanzania

Experience life within a community in rural Tanzania

School Improvement Projects

Help raise funds to support school building and refurbishment projects

What people say

Some words from people involved in the link


Honestly, why wouldn't you want the best experience of your life all while helping people who are less fortunate than yourself.


I feel like Tanzania is now a part of me that I will never forget! I am now so much more appreciative and I'm even not as scared of spiders! CRCLink is simply the greatest experience that any 16-18 year old could wish for!


I learnt so much about myself and other cultures and made some of the best friends I could wish for out in Tanzania. The whole two year experience genuinely changed me for the better, and joining the link was the best decision I've ever made in my life.


We are supported with grants from Cumbria County Council and The Copeland Community Fund, without whom, the running of the link would not be possible.

Recent photos

What have we been doing lately.