About the Cumbria Rungwe Community Link

Who we are, what we do and why we do it.

Our aims & objectives

The Cumbria-Rungwe Community Link was established in 1987 with the aim of linking two rural communities from West Cumbria in the UK and the Rungwe district in Tanzania. Our principle objective is to promote awareness and understanding between what may appear to be two very different cultures. Through a process of experiencing something of each other’s lives we seek to promote friendship and a realisation of what people have in common.

Strengthening of Communities by Student Exchange

Run on a two-year cycle, the link raises funds to enable a group of Tanzanian students to visit Cumbria and then the following year to send a group of West Cumbrian students to Rungwe. Students participate in school and community activities and gain an insight into another community’s culture and way of life through home visits. The Cumbrian students become part of the link for a minimum of two years during which they are proactive in raising monies needed to fund the visits.

Supporting Community Projects:

The link raises funds throughout the year to help the Rungwe district with community and educational projects. We work closely with our Rungwe partners to identify suitable projects and prioritise need. During our visits we review past projects and new project proposals before allocating funds for the purchase of materials.

Educational Sponsorship:

We realise the huge impact a good education can have, not only on the individual but on the whole community. We already have great success stories of students going on to further and higher education, both in UK and Tanzanian Universities.

Raising awareness and facilitating involvement:

The Link encourages the wider community to get involved by spreading information about life and issues in rural Rungwe, and providing information so that others can help in a wide variety of ways, from fundraising and hosting here in the UK, to independent involvement in Tanzania.

The Cumbria-Rungwe community link is a unique charity based in West Cumbria. It was established in 1987 with the aim of linking our rural community with that of the rural community of Rungwe District in Tanzania. The idea was for both communities to share and understand both the similarities and differences of their respective cultures.

We offer a unique experience to young people aged 15-17 to join the two year cycle.

The first year of the cycle is primarily to fundraise for a group of Tanzanian students and leaders to travel to West Cumbria. During their time in Cumbria, the group are hosted by Cumbrian families. They attend primary and secondary schools; visit local places of interests and take part in Whitehaven carnival, among a variety of other cultural activities.

During the second year of the project, a group of young people from Cumbria take part in a month long visit to Tanzania. We visit our linked secondary and primary schools and fully immerse ourselves in Tanzanian culture.

Alongside our youth exchange, the money fundraised goes towards much-needed educational and community projects in the Rungwe district and directly impacts the community we visit.

The experience is a truly life-changing one that will establish life-long friendships with people across the world.

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