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Laptop exchange

This month, our sister committee the Rungwe-Cumbria Community Link handed over three laptops to our three long-term partner schools; Kisondela, Lutengano and Lubala. The RCCL committee’s treasurer, Vero Kazimoto, travelled to each school to handover the new hardware. It is hoped that the provission of laptops to Rungwe secondary schools will help us to continue expanding the cultural exchange experience we offer to West Cumbria. Our last three meetings have all featured Zoom appearances from some of our RCCL colleagues, and we will soon be expanding our digital portfolio by connecting classrooms and beginning a pen pal programme.

The laptops, owned by the RCCL and loaned out to schools on a term-by-term basis, each cost around 1,875,000 Tanzanian Shillings (£620) which was paid for by fundraising events here in West Cumbria! So whether you supported us at a cake sale, face painting event or bag pack - thank you for enabling us to expand our cultural exchange into the digital space!

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