All activities undertaken by the Link are paid for through a combination of fundraising, donations and grants.

There are basically 4 parts to what we need money for.

  1. Our basic running costs – insurance, volunteer costs, hall hire, activity costs, training for volunteers and young people, administration costs. Approx. £8000 in 2014- 15

  2. The cost of bringing a group of Tanzanians from Rungwe to West Cumbria, and of running a programme with their West Cumbrian peers and themselves across West Cumbria, involving a wide cross section of West Cumbrian community. This includes the Rungwe group getting their passports and visas, and their travel and living costs to do this, plane fares and insurance for the visiting group, and everything we have to pay for while the ‘Tanzumbrian’ programme is happening across West Cumbria Approx £15,000 in 2015

  3. The costs of the visit to Rungwe, Tanzania, consisting of flights, insurance, and the programme in Tanzania, including travel and accommodation. This was approx. £1300 pp in 2014, with everyone including our unpaid volunteer leaders making a defined personal contribution towards this. Approx £26,000 in 2014

  4. Funding school and community projects in Rungwe, and sponsoring bright but needy secondary school pupils recommended to us by our partner schools Approx £12,000 in 2014 – 15, although we were asked for far more than this.

Group and Individual fundraising Much of the group fundraising is undertaken in our local community, in some cases working with organisations with whom we’ve built up ties over many years: • Face painting on special occasions at Muncaster Castle and the Ratty Railway • Providing refreshments at music concerts organised by SASRA • Bag packing at our local supermarkets • Carol singing In addition students organise other events either as individuals or involving the whole group. These have included beach cleans, music gigs, car boot sales, sponsored walks, cake stalls and many more. Each 2 year cycle brings new students and volunteers, and new fundraising ideas and opportunities. We are always looking for new ideas so if you have any ideas or would like to run a sponsored event please get in touch.

Donations & Grants Whilst fundraising activities make a major contribution to funding requirements we still need to secure grants and donations to enable us to run our two year programme. Over the last few years grant sources and amounts available have diminished, with more charities and community groups competing for fewer resources. As we have to work harder for less, we are always pleased for offers of help either to help complete applications, or making us aware of new potential grant sources.

Individual and organisation donations are also important. Donations can be made as a general gift to the link or to be used for a specific purpose. Many choose to sponsor students in Rungwe, which costs anywhere from £80-£500 (2015) depending on the school or to buy equipment for schools. If you are interested in making a donation please get in touch.