School Improvement Projects

School Improvement Projects

In addition to raising money to support our cultural exchange we also raise funds to support school building and refurbishment projects in Rungwe.

Our partner committee in Rungwe, the RCCL coordinates the preparation of proposals from member schools and also prioritises these as the monies asked for are often in excess of what we have available. We discuss the proposals with them to ensure we are getting the best value for the money available. The money we provide goes to the purchase of materials with labour costs being met by the schools. During each outward visit we inspect the sites of new proposals and review estimates. We also inspect and review existing projects.

Projects we have helped fund over the last 10 years include: • Classrooms • Toilet Blocks • Dormitory refurbishments • Laboratory Buildings • Teachers Accommodation • Dining Hall • Electricity and Water supply

In 2014 we funded the completion of two primary school classrooms and a teacher’s house and finishing works on a secondary school dining hall. The total cost was around £8K. A past project we were particularly proud of was the connection of Kisondela Secondary School to Electricity and water supplies at a total cost of around £10K. Previously water had to be carried uphill to the school by the students at the start of each day and no electricity meant no ability to use electronic equipment such as computers.

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