Student Sponsorship

Student Sponsorship

We realise the huge impact a good education can have, not only on the individual but on the whole community. We already have great success stories of students going on to further and higher education, both in UK and Tanzanian Universities.

In Tanzania children are only entitled to a free primary school education, after which they have to pay. In recent years the government has introduced state schools, which are heavily subsidised but there are very few places and the expense is still too much for the region’s poorest. The average family income is about £200/year, subsidised school fees about £80/year and full school fees as much as £400/year.

The current system fails many bright students who just can’t afford to pay and have to drop out. Through sponsorship from the link, private individuals and companies CRCL facilitates many students staying in school and continuing study.

Below are some of our success stories, in their own words:

My name is Tumain Ezekiel I am Ex-student of Lubala Secondary school which is one of the schools supported by Cumbria- Rungwe Community Link. I came to know the link in detail in 2005 when I was in form 2. I was selected to Visit Cumbria under criterion of Academic performance. I stayed in Cumbria for almost a month whereby for the first two weeks I was hosted by Tracy Davnal Scott in White Haven, and the other Two weeks, I was hosted by Lynn Robin Murray in Kirkland Howe Farm. My Hosts and their families in General were so kind that made my stay in UK still memorable in my mind. We shared our cultural aspects. From that moment (2005) the link has been part of my life and has contributed a lot to my success. The link sponsored me to finish the Ordinary level secondary school; I managed to get the first Division. I was selected to join a government school. Bad luck the School was closed for unknown period. The link secured another school for me. I managed to finish my advanced secondary Education. There after I Joined the University of Dar Es Salaam, my Journey was still ambiguous because the Government just gave me 30% as loan. I was unable to register myself for that amount. The link sent me some money for Registration plus a letter to higher students’ loan Board in Tanzania to identify me. Those made me to Secure 100% sponsorship from the government loan board. I graduated with a honourable Degree of commerce in Accounting. I am now a civil servant (Accountant) at Attorney General’s Chambers. I am very close to the Link always. Thanking to Ashley Napier and the whole Link in General. You made my being.

My Name is Veronica Staford Kazimoto

Special thanks to all members of the link, leaders and my 2007 trip. I have been a member of the link since 2007. My trip to Cumbria was in 2007 and when I was there I stayed with two family HIPKIN'S FAMILY(Alison Hipkin) and MAHER'S FAMILY(Katherine Maher) and I enjoyed a stay with them.

By being a member of the link I got support which helped me and my family a lot. My sponsors paid my school fees for me from ordinary level at Mpuguso secondary, then advanced level at Loleza secondary school and they paid my University fees for three years. Also they helped my mother by paying a school fees for my young sister.

Also I benefited in different ways by being a part of the Link. Because I was living in a single parent family and my mother was unable to pay a school fees for me but the family from CRCL members they managed to pay fees for me. Where the aid I got from them made the intellectual Veronica as a teacher who now imparts knowledge to others.

The Link is part of my life because they helped me to fulfil my dreams where by now I have my own career as a teacher. Therefore I am proud of being a part of CRCL and I promise to be an active member of the link.

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